Claudia Frustaci Professional make up artistClaudia Frustaci is a professional make up artist with more than 18 years working her creative talents on brides, models and people who are looking to learn more about make up application.Claudia started her career working in Milan, Italy for runway models at fashion shows featuring the works of Prada and Armani. During this time as an apprentice, she built up the knowledge and understanding on how to help create various styles and looks to match the trends of each show.Claudia’s ambition took her to the US where she worked for Clinque for 5 years and then Lancome for 10 years.

Claudia works often with actors/actresses preparing them for their head shot photos used for modeling/movie/theatre. She loves working with brides and brial parties helping create that beautiful look for the special day. Ciao Bella Make Up Studio has an office located on Newbury Street in Boston where Claudia is happy to meet you for a consultation. Please call 774-994-0669 to learn more about our services.